Media Outreach

07.06.2016 | NDR
In this NDR Info discussion Andrea Römmele asked what comes after the era Gauck, after Germany’s president announces that he will not be available for a second term in office.

27.05.2016 | Zeit-Online
Andrea Römmele comments in Zeit Online on Hillary Clinton’s lacklustre campaign and her failure uptodate to mobilise voters.

18.05.2016 | Mannheimer Morgen
Andrea Römmele wrote an article in the Mannheimer Morgen on Donald Trump and the Republicans. In particular, she examines the phenomenon of the outsider entering into politics.

16.03.2016 | WDR
In this WDR interview with Anke Plättner, Andrea Römmele discusses the aftermath of the German regional elections in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony-Anhalt.

29.10.2015 | Cicero
Andrea Römmele wrote an article on the German debate over refugees in Cicero.

21.10.2015 | Mannheimer Morgen
Andrea Römmele is interviewed in the Mannheimer Morgen on the Pegida movement and about possible implications the refugee crisis might have on Angela Merkel’s chancellorship.

20.10.2015 | NDR
Andrea Römmele is interviewed by NDR Kultur on communication with and about the Pegida movement.

20.10.2015 | Focus Online
Andrea Römmele wrote an article for FOCUS Online about the impact refugees are going to have on Germany’s political landscape (in German).

06.10.2015 | Phoenix
Andrea Römmele discussed the government’s dispute on the refugee crisis at the talk show “phoenix runde” (in German).

22.10.2014 | ARD-Morgenmagazin
Andrea Römmele explains the current role of “Die Linke” in today’s German party system for ARD-Morgenmagazin.

29.01.2014 | Phoenix
Andrea Römmele contributed to a Phoenix RUNDE discussion on the way forward for the new German Coalition government.

14.12.2013 | Bayerisches Fernsehen
Andrea Römmele was interviewed about the role of the Christian Social Union (CSU) by BR (Bayerisches Fernsehen).

28.11.2013 | Focus Online
What can we expect from the SPD member referendum about the coalition contract between CDU/CSU and SPD? Andrea Römmele has published a commentary on Focus Online (in German).

12.11.2013 | Bayerisches Fernsehen
Andrea Römmele was part of an expert panel (‘Münchner Runde‘) that discussed the ongoing coalition negotiations in Germany.

28.10.2013 | WDR
Are “policy advisers” lobbyists or loyal partners? Andrea Römmele was interviewed about this balancing act by radio WDR5.

24.10.2013 | Phoenix
Andrea Römmele participated in the Phoenix Runde and discussed the negotiations for a grand coalition between CDU and SPD.

21.10.2013 | DasErste
Andrea Römmele commented live for ARD Morgenmagazin on the negotiations between CDU and SPD for a Grand Coalition.

07.10.2013 | DasErste
Andrea Römmele was interviewed by ARD’s morgenmagazin on the SPD’s role in Germany’s new Grand Coalition.

04.10.2013 | Brigitte
Andrea Römmele analzyed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s leadership skills.

24.09.2013 | ARD-Morgenmagazin
Andrea Römmele’s expertise on the Federal Election Campaigns was featured several times in ARD-Morgenmagazin.

01.09.2013 | Deutschlandfunk 
Deutschlandfunk featured commentary by Andrea Römmele on the official TV Debate between the Chancellor Candidates, Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück.

30.08.2013 | Focus Online
Andrea Römmele´s blog post on the Chancellor Candidates’ official TV Debate.

05.07.2013 | Cicero
Andrea Römmele comments on the classic conflict of the 21st Century: Is it more important to protect privacy or to guarantee security? On Cicero Online.

29.06.2013 | Focus Online
Will the parties keep their campaign pledges? Andrea Römmele comments on Focus Online on the key projects of the parties’ in the 2013 election campaigns.

19.06.2013 | WDR TV
Andrea Römmele comments live on the WDR TV show “eins zu eins” on President Obama’s campaigning strategy.

17.06.2013 | Focus Online
US-President Obama visits Berlin this week: Andrea Römmele comments on Focus Online why his style of campaigning cannot serve as a role-model for the German federal elections.

14.06.2013 | Zeit-Online
100 days until the election – Andrea Römmele comments on Zeit Online how German Parties are doing at this point.

05.06.2013 | Focus Online
Andrea Römmele comments on Focus Online on Chancellor Merkel’s new strategy of addressing women’s issues.

03.05.2013 | Der Tagesspiegel
Andrea Römmele was interviewed by Der Tagesspiegel about Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new focus on women’s issues.

23.04.2013 | Zeit-Online
Could Uli Hoeneß’ tax issues be a risk for election campaigns? Hertie School Professor Andrea Römmele discusses the case for the political blog “Zweitstimme” by Zeit Online.

22.11.2012 | The New York Times
Hertie School Professor Andrea Römmele is quoted in the article, “And on Your Left, Behind Those Walls, Lobbyists Are at Work

10.07.2012 | Zeit-Online
Andrea Römmele’s response to Norbert Lammert’s commentary on the role of experts in constructively critiquing the federal government’s response to the Euro Crisis.

14.05.2012 | The New York Times
Andrea Römmele is quoted in article by Judy Dempsey on how openness and transparency have shifted politics in Germany.

20.02.2012 | Zeit-Online
Article by Andrea Römmele, “Merkel spielte gestern auf Größe, nicht auf Sieg!

26.01.2012 | Deutsche Welle
A short Interview with Andrea Römmele at “politik direkt” about the Green Patrty in Germany. “Die Grünen – Ist der Höhenflug vorüber?

20.01.2012 | Forbes
Andrea Römmele is quoted by Ken Makovsky in a commentary for Forbes on how the EU engages with its citizens.

28.12.2011 | Zeit-Online
Editorial by Andrea Römmele about Christian Wulff and election research.

24.11.2011 | Die Zeit
Article by Andrea Römmele on Stuttgart 21.

22.09.2011 | Deutsche Welle
Andrea Römmele about the ”Piratenpartei” elected succesfully to the Berlin Senate in September’s election of 2011.

30.08.2011 | inforadio rbb
Interview with Andrea Römmele about her “Ochsentour” Project in the lead-up to the Berlin elections.

22.08.2011 | Zeit-Online
Berlin Elections in Focus – Andrea Römmele on campaigning in the lead-up to the Berlin elections.

22.08.2011 | The New York Times
Andrea Römmele is quoted in the New York Times article “E.U. Elites Keep Power from the People.”

01.05.2011 | The New York Times
Andrea Römmele is quoted in the New York Times article “German Politics Faces Grass-Roots Threat”.

24.03.2011 | Les Echos
Interview with Andrea Römmele.

24.10.2010 | The Guradian
Andrea Römmele about the lack of dialogue at the redevelopment of Stuttgart’s train station.

21.10.2010 | Nano
Interview with Andrea Römmele about the new protest culture.